T-shirt Live by Your Being

T-shirt Live by Your Being

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Don’t trap yourself.

“Do not live by your titles but by your being.”~Michael Kurcina

In van Gennep’s metaphor a person is still “in” the house but has moved to another room. Though rites of passage are diverse in cultures throughout the world they are still used as a means of separating people from groups which they once belonged to.

Our basic human nature yearns to be recognized and we have a desire to fit into society and its diverse social and religious strata. Sometimes we must leave one group and go to another; retirement, medical separation, married men, etc. Some men don’t want to.

Don’t get caught up on what you are called, or were called because that can prevent you from moving ahead in your life, particularly for those in periods of separation and transition. Live by your being, by something that is conceivable and not transitory. Live by your natural essence. You have a real inner voice, listen to that voice, not the one in your head continually beating you down. Use your real sense of echolocation. Every man and woman was intended for greatness.

📸 Farewell to the King. Harking back to the days of Jospeh Conrad this is a fascinating movie to see. During World War II, American deserter Learoyd escapes a Japanese firing squad. Hiding in the wilds of Borneo, Learoyd is adopted by a head-hunting tribe of Dayaks, who consider him divine because of his blue eyes. Before long, Learoyd is the reigning king of the Dayaks. When British soldiers approach him to rejoin the war against the Japanese, Learoyd resists. When his own tribe is threatened and killed by the invaders, Learoyd decides to fight for their rights and to protect their independence.

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