Sticker TSF Be the Weapon Oval 3"x3.5"
Sticker TSF Be the Weapon Oval 3"x3.5"

Sticker TSF Be the Weapon Oval 3"x3.5"

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TRANSFORMATION. Become a weapon.

TODAY, become something new. “Some men are born targets and others are born weapons.”~Michael Kurcina.

You can be whomever you want to be. Some men live life believing that they have an invisible sign on their back making them the aim of an attack. They are caught up seeing life from the wrong end of the viewing lens of opportunity. Their view of life is simply done with a fatalistic belief that they are doomed to experience a life of injury. Some feel that if others are succeeding in life that there is little left to go around for them to succeed. They believe life is unfair and why should they bother to fight their fate? Get out of this way of thinking. Other men approach life as if their being is a weapon that gains an advantage of attack or defense of themselves in all conflicts. Their perception comes through eyes that seem to be lenses spotting opportunity. They do not act as if they are fated to be on the receiving end of an aggressive action, and if they are attacked they will fight back. Change your thinking. Life doesn’t make you squat. You make your life. You can be whomever you want to be; target or weapon. Choose.

A Spotter is the known as the  consummate Chessman. He identifies issues, gathers information on the threats, devises a plan, and executes it successfully. In heraldry, the skull represents victory of life over death, and our spotter tower is a fortress that is a testament to his ability. Sometimes success is achieved by looking inside rather than beyond, and it is gained by listening to what you ‘know’. He is the sentinel that watches over others, himself, and learns in order that he can point the way out of danger.

AUT INVENIUM VIAM AUT FACIAM-I will either find a way or I will make one.

Legend has it that the military commander Hannibal said this to his generals after they told him it was impossible to cross the Alps on elephants.

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Spotterup promotes the idea of the classical "whole" man found in ancient texts. For our modern day he is the GUNFIGHTER, WRITER,  WILDMAN, MONK: Man of Action, Man of Intellect, Man of Emotion, Man of Spirit. This shirt is part of our GUNFIGHTER series. Expect to see many more designs under this archetype.

Consider the Athenian ideal of a balanced education. From the book Greek Realities: Life and Thought in Ancient Greece, By Finley Hooper "They could play some flute but should not neglect wrestling." They avoided the excesses of life. They might focus on music or philosophy but spent enough time so that their bodies did not become soft."