Sticker There is a place in this world for the timid man. 3" Round GREEN

Sticker There is a place in this world for the timid man. 3" Round GREEN

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In youth when we are moon drunk, when we are alone, when it's so dark and our eyes focus on that orb seemingly fixed above us so righteously in the sky is when we become alive and truth comes out of our heart. It is when we drop all illusions of what we believed, and those pretenses of who we are is when we best discover what we should do, and what we can do. Opportunities dandle like apples on an outstretched branch jutting across the hot night but will we grab one? How many times have we turned away from doing the difficult because we were fearful and not fearless? What is difficult? We do not want to be told what to know, but we know it well this truth, and it will always terrify timid men. There is an energy alive in each of us and it will end, that is most certainly true, yet what can we do to make this life last? In youth we believe that nothing is impossible, we are so alive and feel so free, yet aging and maturity temper our dreams.

Go back to seeing the stars as if they whirl in the sky, to having moments like those old Saturday nights, to letting go of reason because sometimes reason just doesn't know and just do what you please. Dance your stupid dances, and sing your silly songs, and discard for just a moment the structure of your life and live. Walk the tracks, scan the rising shape of the sun across the hillsides, and don't betray the memories you once let die. Pursue one thing tonight. I'm reminded of men who feel like the walls of life are closing upon them, and that death one day will find them. We are mortal but remember even in our youth though we were callow we sometimes had the courage to try. What is infused in our blood is no different than the man next to us, or the warrior who came a thousand years before us, and that bravery and chivalry will never die, that even failure can bring one good moment of warmth and glory into a heart frozen with doubts. Go out and try. The truth is you must live as if there is no tomorrow and knowing this accept calmly that you may surely die. 

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