Sticker Place Your Bet 3"

Sticker Place Your Bet 3"

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 All stickers are UV and water resistant.

The spirit has a need to gamble but your being might not survive the call; place your bets anyways.

The minutes pass by, be timely now. From night until now what have you done to increase the good in the world? Put yourself out there, take a chance on yourself, take a chance on something that you want or need, take a chance on others, on love or work or a fistfight. Go where the foolhardy go. Be flung into the world with your lucky limbs and crash into the suspense. Do something out of your norm today.

Exposing your body and being to danger, harm, or loss doesn’t seem very palatable. The issue with risk is this: people tend to focus more on what might go wrong – what might be lost or sacrificed – rather than what might go right or gained. Yes, it takes courage to face some kind of uncertainty but know that most people exaggerate the harm to them and underestimate their ability to handle the consequences. Whether we succeed or fail, we get experience and knowledge after taking a risk, and in turn have a better sense of the path we should be on, and how to handle similar risks. So, what are you waiting for? Our spirit, the seat of our sentiments, desires more than some kind of plain, vanilla satisfaction or enjoyment; it wants more of life. Wager on some uncertain outcome and see if you were correct. Your confidence will grow.

 Don’t live fearfully. Don’t condition yourself to live inside a meat box. Take more risks in life.