Sticker Kill the Renegade Gods V2 3.5" x 3.5"

Sticker Kill the Renegade Gods V2 3.5" x 3.5"

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If you want to set your spirit free kill your renegade gods. 

Killing renegade gods means removing anything that you worshiped and let it get out of control. You let a dead thing come alive. Remove those small deities that you honor. You CHOSE to betray your deepest principles and beliefs, so remove any distractions such as those which prevent you from growing deeply as a human being. Do not follow any culture, institution, idol or icon that doesn’t represent some good core values; avoid self-worship too. You need to stand up and be a man and walk away from your tribe if they are taking you down the wrong path. DO NOT honor things that shouldn’t be honored or you should stop investing too much time into them.

Here are some examples of things that can become addictions: gambling, drinking, sex, mobile phone usage, video games, social media; are these things wrecking your life? Get back to your warrior roots and life’s simplest solutions when dealing with what seems to be very complex issues.

Don’t be afraid to be uncomplicated and natural. Get back in tune with yourself

THE SAINT FACTORY Here we speak words and create art about life, death, God, virtue and honor. Take action. Live deliberately. Live vitally.